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NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil - Product Review

Eyeliner review
NYX Profession Makeup Mechanical Eyeliner Review

NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil - Precision & Longevity


In the world of cosmetics, the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil has become a staple for both makeup enthusiasts and professionals. With its sleek design, pigmented formula, and impressive staying power, this product has garnered a reputation for its reliability and ease of use. We share the eyeliner review with you along with alternate options.


This product's high-performance formula offers a deep, vibrant color that can truly enhance any eye look. What makes this product even more remarkable is that it's cruelty-free, allowing users to add an ethical dimension to their beauty routines. However, please be aware that NYX doesn't disclose the full list of ingredients for proprietary reasons. For those with skin sensitivities or allergies, it's always recommended to conduct a patch test before using any new makeup product.

Directions to Use

The NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil is quite user-friendly. Its mechanical twist-up design negates the need for a sharpener. To use, simply twist the pencil to reveal the product. Apply along the lash line starting from the inner corner of the eye, moving outward. Its fine tip allows you to create neat, sharp lines and a variety of styles, from a classic wing to an avant-garde artistic look.

Product Pros

Highly pigmented formula that provides vibrant color. Smooth application for a variety of eyeliner styles. Long-lasting formula that doesn't smudge or fade easily. Sleek, mechanical design eliminating the need for a sharpener. Cruelty-free, making it an ethical choice.

Product Cons

While this product has many strengths, there are a couple of aspects that some users may consider a disadvantage:

The full ingredient list is not disclosed, which might be an issue for those with allergies or sensitive skin. The staying power might vary based on skin type and weather conditions.


All in all, the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil offers a perfect blend of precision, intense color, and staying power. Its high-quality formula and ease of use make it a worthy addition to any makeup bag. Despite a few potential cons, the product's pros far outweigh them, making it a highly recommended purchase for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance eyeliner.

Alternate Options

For those who may want to explore other options, consider the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil for its wide range of colors and waterproof formula, or the Maybelline New York Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner for a more budget-friendly, smudge-free alternative. Both offer high-quality performance similar to the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Mechanical Eyeliner Pencil.


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